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Caribbean Forest was est. in 1994, when information and resources about marine aquariums were limited. We are family owned, family oriented, and hobbyist operated. Our goal is to educate new salt water hobbyist so they can enjoy the “living art” of marine aquariums without all the learning pains and struggles. We strongly believe in learning from our experiences and other hobbyists. Here at the store, you can always expect a friendly experienced staff member to help you make the important decisions and guide you thru your initial setup or upgrades to your current system.  Patience is the most important thing to have in this hobby, which is why you can browse our selections and stunning display tanks with a no pressure sales approach.  We are committed to helping new and experienced hobbyist with all their questions, equipment, and service needs, while continuing to provide the healthiest marine livestock available to our customers. We will demystify the confusion, and guide you step by step through successfully keeping your very own marine aquarium.

We offer the following goods and services to families and companies:

Full Retail Marine Aquarium Store, no appointments needed

Saltwater Fish, Invertabrates, and Corals.

Full line of Aquarium Hard Goods, Water Purification Systems, Foods, and Additives.

Aquarium Setups, Moves, and Delivery.

100% hassle free Aquarium Maintenance.

Custom Acrylic Work, Sumps, and Bag Holders

Our Design or Yours!

Custom Woodworking Services, Stands, and Canopies

We build to meet your needs and your style exactly the way you want it!

We are looking forward to earning your repeated business!



12.09. WOW, MACNA 2016...

WOW, MACNA 2016 was awesome. We had a chance to see many speakers and talk to our vendors about brand new products and new designer clowns coming out by the end of this year! Of course we put in some preorders to get you the things we KNOW you'll want as soon as they are released. Yea it was a business trip but since we were in San Diego we decided to do some tourist stuff also. We went to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps and seen for the first time some Sea Dragons, believe it or not they are actually propagating this protected species and we were able to actually see the breeding tanks. If your ever in San Diego make sure you stop to see this amazing aquarium and the awesome things they are doing to conserve our oceans! We also went to La Jolla Cove to see the Sea Lions and Seals in their natural environment we were able to get right up next to them. They are very playful and so much fun! It was absolutely AMAZING!! Another MUST SEE in San Diego! Yep, we sure do have some awesome stories to share about the West Coast so make sure you stop in and we'll catch you up on all the Events and things we learned while we were gone.... As great as it was, it sure is nice to be back :)


11.09. Here's the brand...

Here's the brand new clowns from Sea & Reef Aquaculture they showed at MACNA. In the center, is the unnamed new strain. You can be sure just like with the Lightning Clowns we'll have these clowns the day they are released. Talked to Soren about it in person today! MACNA was awesome coming home tomorrow can't wait to see everyone it was great to get away but we're ready to come home we miss the shop.


08.09. We just wanted to...

We just wanted to say Hi to everyone and to let you all know we made it safely to L.A. ..... Time to cherry pick those high end corals at SEA DWELLING CREATURES and other LA based vendors for next weeks delivery. One more day of livestock picking and then off to MACNA - Marine Aquarium Conference of North America in San Diego to get some new vendors and watch our favorite pro's speak! Make sure to stop in and see Sharon we had an awesome order this week and I'm sure she would be willing to make some deals!


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