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Caribbean Forest was est. in 1994, when information and resources about marine aquariums were limited. We are family owned, family oriented, and hobbyist operated. Our goal is to educate new salt water hobbyist so they can enjoy the “living art” of marine aquariums without all the learning pains and struggles. We strongly believe in learning from our experiences and other hobbyists. Here at the store, you can always expect a friendly experienced staff member to help you make the important decisions and guide you thru your initial setup or upgrades to your current system.  Patience is the most important thing to have in this hobby, which is why you can browse our selections and stunning display tanks with a no pressure sales approach.  We are committed to helping new and experienced hobbyist with all their questions, equipment, and service needs, while continuing to provide the healthiest marine livestock available to our customers. We will demystify the confusion, and guide you step by step through successfully keeping your very own marine aquarium.

We offer the following goods and services to families and companies:

Full Retail Marine Aquarium Store, no appointments needed

Saltwater Fish, Invertabrates, and Corals.

Full line of Aquarium Hard Goods, Water Purification Systems, Foods, and Additives.

Aquarium Setups, Moves, and Delivery.

100% hassle free Aquarium Maintenance.

Custom Acrylic Work, Sumps, and Bag Holders

Our Design or Yours!

Custom Woodworking Services, Stands, and Canopies

We build to meet your needs and your style exactly the way you want it!

We are looking forward to earning your repeated business!



21.06. Some of this weeks...

Some of this weeks new arrivals ... not all of them, but some 😉


19.06. We have had this...

We have had this Majestic Angel since March and he is simply stunning! He has totally acclimated to aquarium life and is ready to make a home in your aquarium! The adult Blue-girdled Angelfish or Majestic Angelfish will have bright yellow on their sides and back, including the dorsal and tail fin. There are bright blue spots within the yellow on their sides, but just a hint. An intense and deep beautiful blue is found on the head; the pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins; as well as an area just in front of the tail fin. This angelfish looks as if someone took a bright light blue neon pen and outlined it’s entire body and fins, including areas where the yellow and blue meet up. They also have a blue mouth, and yellow on the chin and neck that terminates just over the pelvic fins. The juveniles are black with light blue curved vertical stripes on their sides and at times the yellowish tint can show through. At 3 - 7.8 inches (7.6 - 20 cm) the juvenile Blue-girdled Angelfish begins its color change to the beautiful majestic adult. Interestingly, the stage between juvenile and adult is rarely seen. The Blue-girdled Angelfish can grow up to 11.8” (30 cm) in the wild, yet in captivity this slow grower will rarely reach 10” (25 cm). This Angelfish has a lifespan of over 21 years in captivity. #caribeanforest #saltwteraquarium #saltwaterfish


31.05. Hurry In we only...

Hurry In we only have 2 in stock!


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